Compiled from ·· The People of Flint, MI
Written by ····· José Casas
Premiered ······ April 2019

Story at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

A new play by José Casas, originally directed by Dexter Singleton. Performed at the Arthur Miller Theatre, Flint Community Center, and Duderstadt Center's Video Studio.

In April 2014, looking to save money, officials in Flint, MI, switched its city water source from the Detroit City system to the Flint River. Soon after the switch, residents began to complain about foul-tasting, smelly water as well as skin rashes and hair loss. As a crisis unfolded, evidence began to grow that the water switch resulted in thousands of Flint residents drinking lead-poisoned water. Protests, litigation, court orders, State intervention, and indictments ensued, many of which amplified the infrastructure deficiencies of the city. In the style of "The Laramie Project", "Flint" explores the current state of the water crisis through narratives based and inspired by the lives and stories of people affected by the tragedy.

Casas’s new drama creates a mosaic of a city struggling to survive and present itself to the world by exploring its hidden stories and history. With many of the issues remaining unresolved four years out, Flint serves as a platform for dialogue regarding the future of the city and its resilient residents, as well as for other communities facing similar problems.